Lady Wonder – the clairvoyant talking horse that could count and spell its name

By Shane Cochrane

In 1952, a young boy went missing in a rural area near Richmond, Virginia, in the USA. After days of fruitless searching, and with no clues to follow, the police were becoming desperate. So desperate that they reached out to ‘Lady Wonder’.


Lady Wonder was a local celebrity, and had been since she was three-years-old. She had an impossible knowledge of the past, the present and the future, and seemed to know everything about everything – and everyone. She could answer correctly any question put to her. She could read minds. She could even predict the future.
And she could find lost things.

The police chief drove to the farm where she lived and asked her where the boy was. After a short pause, Lady Wonder began to type.

Lady Wonder could do all sorts of wonderful things, but she couldn’t speak. Well, most horses can’t. So she would type her answers, using her nose, on a large homemade typewriter.

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