MARGO - meet the star who has been lighting up the entertainment world for over 55 years
Remembering October, with Tom Nestor
Castles of Ireland Series - Gosford Castle, Armagh
Recalling favourite old Irish TV programmes
Eugene Daly takes a look at more old Irish traditions
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to Ireland’s Own.

This week we are pleased to bring you the story of one of Ireland’s best loved female artists, Margo! After more than fifty-five years in the music business, she’s about to undertake a nationwide tour to mark her 70th birthday. The popular country singer talks to June McDonnell about the ups and downs of her amazing career.

In his JAMES BOND SEASON, Patrick Brennan comes back down to Earth to look at 1981’s ‘For Your Eyes Only’. Con McGrath continues his ‘Role of the Irish in WW2’ series and this week he features General Pete Quesada, the Hispanic-Irish American, whose tactical air forces helped the Allies win the ground war in Europe.

In ‘Remembering October’, John Corbett returns with a selection of memories of life in the Irish countryside during the month of October. In our Castles of Ireland series, Gemma Grant is off to Gosford Castle, Markethill, Co. Armagh, ancestral home of the Acheson family, Earls of Gosford.

Do you remember ‘Our Boys’? Well, Sheila O’Kelly does and she writes about the magazine of the Irish Christian Brothers. This week’s original short story is ‘Upon Reflection’ by Alyson Hilbourne.

Noel Coogan recalls the hey-day of the Phoenix Park Racecourse which closed 30 years ago.

In our Wonders of the World’s Museums, Cathal Coyle visits the Giant Marine Turtle, Museum of Natural History, Vienna.

Eamonn Duggan continues ‘The Witness Statements’ series. This week, The Fighting Men of Clare. Joseph Barrett, who was Brigade Operations Officer for the Mid-Clare Brigade, Old IRA, provided a very detailed statement to the Bureau of Military History in 1955 of the part played by republicans in that county during the fight for freedom, writes Eamonn.

We have all this for you to enjoy alongside your regular favourites such as Cassidy Says, Dan Conway’s Corner, Stranger Than Fiction, Catch the Criminal, Marjorie’s Kitchen, songs, jokes, pen pals, puzzles, memories and much much more.

Enjoy the read, stay safe, and I will look forward to talking to you all again next week.


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Seán Nolan, Editor, Ireland’s Own

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