Bridie Gallagher - the girl from Donegal
The Inauguration of JFK
Magic of the Musicals - Carousel
Lawrence Kavenagh - the convict who escaped Van Diemen's Land
Classic Film - The League of Gentlemen
Irish Wildlife Series - The Hedgehog
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I hope you have settled into the new year with comfort. Life continues apace and this week we are pleased to bring you a cover story on the girl from Donegal, Bridie Gallagher. On the tenth anniversary of her death, author Colm Keane revisits an interview he did with the iconic singing star who, at her peak, was not only the hottest musical property in Ireland but could match the pulling power of any international star abroad. 

Agnes Carley explains the significance of the magnificent tableau, The Knock Mosaic, which is an amazing factual representation of that miraculous happening on that momentous August evening 143 years ago when the Blessed Virgin appeared to fifteen local people.

Paula Redmond recalls the swearing in of John F. Kennedy as the 35th president of the United States on Friday, 20 January, 1961, while in The Ballad Sheet, Eugene Dunphy links a Fenian activist to a Tipperary river, ‘She Lived Beside the Anner’. 

In his role of the Irish in World War II Series, Con McGrath profiles Irish-American veteran, Cornelius Delaney, who survived many ‘close calls’, during, after, and even before the Normandy landings. Liam Nolan continues his Magic of the Musicals series. This week Liam charts the story of ‘Carousel’.

Lawrence Kavenagh was a convict bushranger known for escaping from Port Arthur, Van Diemen’s Land (the so-called escape-proof colony), with Martin Cash and George Jones, writes Pauline Murphy.

Fr. John Crowley ‘The Desert Priest’ is profiled by Ray Cleere, while this week’s original short story is ‘Stolen’ by Mary Fogarty. In ‘The Witness Statements’, the Deise join the Independence Struggle. Eamonn Duggan brings us part one of a three-part series on the role played by the men and women of County Waterford in the fight for Independence.

In his Rivers of Ireland series, Paul Swift takes a trip down the Philipstown River in Co. Offaly; Eugene Daly returns with more Irish folklore, Liam Gaul tells the operatic tale of Peter Grimes and our Classic Film is ‘The League of Gentlemen’.

We have all this for you to enjoy alongside regular favourites Cassidy Says, Dan Conway’s Corner, Pete’s Pets, Marjorie’s Kitchen, Irish Widlife, jokes, songs, puzzles and much more. I hope you enjoy this week’s issue and I will look forward to talking to you all again next week, all being well.

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Seán Nolan, Editor, Ireland’s Own

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