Our Owen’s Club book reviewer, Mirren Dunlop (aged 10), gives Judi Curtin’s latest instalment in the ‘Eva’ adventures a huge thumbs up
Only Eva is a brilliant book by the famous author, Judi Curtin. This book is full of excitement and mystery. It is about a girl called Eva, who is normal.

She goes to school but has a very special hidden talent, that is solving problems.

When a new girl named Arretta moves to Eva’s town and school, Eva wants to find out all about her. Why does Arretta hurry home from school everyday?

When Arretta and Eva become friends, Arretta finally opens up and tells Eva her problem. This problem is too big and complicated for one girl to solve all by herself.

Eva will need a lot of help from people in the town and when these people work together, they can do anything. Find out all about ‘Only Eva’! I recommend this book for children aged 11 plus…and I give it a rating of 10 out of 10 as it holds your attention from start to finish.

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