Waterford author Karen Power tells Ireland’s Own about her debut novel “Butterfly Barn”

butterflybarnSet between Ireland and New York, “Butterfly Barn” follows the lives of three women who discover they share the same dream. The book is about love, life, loss and the ability of the human spirit to endure.

I was born in Waterford City where I spent many years working in the travel industry.
In 1995, I married a farmer and moved to the countryside. We were blessed with our beautiful baby daughter and life was wonderful.

When I became pregnant for the second time with twins, the joy we experienced was incredible. But then things went horribly wrong.

Also around this time our daughter was six years old and after many years of going from one professional to the next, we discovered she had a learning difficult called dyspraxia.
Some days the heartache was too much but having Aisling led me on a journey of discovery.

While searching for answers and ways to help, I took a course in Adlerian Psychology. I was required to keep a journal and so I began to write. I loved it and before long I was writing fiction.

“Butterfly Barn” came from blending my travel and tourism background with country living.
Grace Fitzgerald, my lead character, brings cruise liners into a pretty, fictitious town called Bayrush, in Ireland. I love romance, especially the ‘will they, won’t they get together’ kind. And so Jack Leslie, a handsome vet, arrives back from Dubai. Life would be dull without a best friend, and Grace has one.

“Butterfly Barn” is also available to download on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iBooks.

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