By Arthur Flynn

The film Veronica Guerin was a biographical crime film focusing on the Irish journalist of the same name who was murdered in 1996 in Dublin, at the age of 37.

This was the second film to be inspired by the life and death of the crusading journalist. Three years previous, When the Sky Falls, centring on the same story but the names of the real-life characters were changed in the script.

This film, shot in 2003, was an American-Irish-British production directed by Joel Schumacher and starring the leading Australian actress Cate Blanchett, in the title role. The screenplay by Carol Doyle and Mary Agnes Donoghue centred on the investigations of Guerin into the drug trade in Dublin that led to her death.

The film was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer for Touchstone Pictures on a budget of $17 million. The cinematographer was Brendan Galvin, music by Harry Gregson-Williams and edited by David Gamble.

Jodie Foster was originally in talks to play the main role. Danny DeVito was also considering directing a film on the life of Guerin, but it fell through. Joan Allen was also set to star when John Mackenzie was attached to direct but this fell through.
The meatiest roles in the film are those of the criminals with Gerard McSorley portraying a menacing John Gilligan, Ciaran Hinds as John Traynor, Paudge Bean as Brian Meehan and Gerry O’Brien as Martin Cahill. Emmet Bergin, Des Cahil and Joe Taylor played other leading roles. Colin Farrel, whom Schumacher launched on his Hollywood career by casting him in Tigerland, played a cameo role.

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