Health Advice Column with Alex Dobbs

I got up early to write this column. It’s dark outside and the house is quiet. I am rubbing my eyes. Yet, I already know my brain is wide awake and ready to go. The inspiration for this article came last night when I was slumped over my computer tired trying to form sentences.

I decided if I just go to bed now (it was 10 p.m.) and have a good night’s sleep, this article will just fly off my hands in no time. Having read up on the subject, sleep, I knew that forcing myself to stay awake would not yield a quality column this month.

How important is sleep for us? In an “always-on” age where time seems to equal money, and we are encouraged to stay looking at our smartphones and tablets for hours on end (rather than going to bed on time), have we forgotten the value of sleep?
We spend roughly 1/3 of our lifetime in bed, asleep. Sleep is absolutely essential. Sleep deprivation is endemic these days, and leads to ill health, memory degradation, and low moods. During sleep, the body regenerates itself, strengthens the immune system, makes us more beautiful and smarter.

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