With the news that the famous musical group ABBA are bringing out two new songs after thirty five years, Liam Power takes a trip down memory lane incorporating the songs of ABBA in the form of a tall tale.


I Have a Dream about Money, Money, Money.

Well, I had one many times about landing the lotto or even Winning Streak. Alas, it takes more than a dream, it takes luck, lots of luck. Being an unlucky sod, the only thing I ever won in a raffle was an ornamental delph teapot, even my mother never used. Oh, Mamma Mia.

But what about those scratch cards? Sure I’d get better satisfaction from a good decent itch. And don’t talk to me about those blessed three stars, I got so many, I could have been mistaken I was on the Milky Way galaxy. Instead, I was glued to the game-show Winning Streak on a Saturday night and waited, and waited for my name to be drawn, but all was drawn was my very long face. No joy, no loot.

What about Plan B? I was in this restaurant when one of those old fashioned jute-box machines blared out The Winner Takes it All. My immediate response for such a brilliant brainwave was to say Thank You for the Music.

Yes, I could possibly be the next millionaire – or at least the Kilkenny version – the skinned-cat type.

On impulse, I rang up Ulster Television and said excitedly to the lady researcher, Take a Chance on Me. It takes more than chance, she replied, you need to answer a qualifying question: That’s the Name of the Game. Her question: Name the Abba song with a French title? To which I blurted out: Voulez Vous. Bingo.

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