I must begin by thanking all of the people who contacted me when my first ever piece for Ireland’s Own was published last month.

Writing about St. Brigid’s Day was a real joy. I was delighted that so many readers are fans of our traditions and like myself, like to mark the different occasions that, in my opinion, deserve to be celebrated during the year. It’s not just the big events, like Christmas, Easter and of course birthdays that deserve recognition. I like to make a fuss of every occasion.

And I’m a divil for the decorations! I have boxes and boxes of them to suit every occasion. They are stored in the attic and make their annual appearance downstairs when their moment arrives.

Last month, for instance, there was St. Valentine’s Day. I know the card shops and florists do really well on 14th February, but for me, it’s about decorating the house and having the family around.

The house was coming down with red heart-shaped cushions, red candles, bunting and of course a heart-shaped cake. There is also a pair of handcuffs, bedecked with red fur that my youngest, Lucy, was given by a boy in her class when she was in 4th Class.
I’m glad to report that they are, to this day, unused, but nonetheless, part of the Valentine’s stash.

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