Maxi pays tribute to the John Lennon on the 40th anniversary of his death

This year we mark the fortieth anniversary of the death of John Lennon. The man who was a writer of peace songs, who spent so many of his years advocating for ‘the world to live as one’ was murdered outside his apartment in New York as he came home from the recording studios early in order to see his infant son before he went to bed.
John, a member of the Beatles, was always patient with fans and thought nothing of stopping to chat and sign autographs when recognised.


As the chief writer with Paul McCartney of the band whose art changed the music industry forever, he enjoyed taking part in chat shows and print interviews, and he often talked about where he got the inspiration for their many hits.

John endeared himself to many. On a bus journey to Scotland the story goes that he was learning how to play a mouth organ in order to pass the time. His sound caught the ear of the driver who advised him there was a harmonica in the lost and found department that the owner had never claimed.

John went back the next day and got it. The professional instrument replaced John’s toy. It is featured on many of the Beatles early recordings.

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