By Ray Cleere

St. Kevin’s Church in Ballycoog was built 200 years ago in 1816. It is situated just over two miles from Woodenbridge in County Wicklow on a height which overlooks the surrounding countryside and affords a splendid view of the Irish Sea. The neighbouring St. Patrick’s Church, Barranisky, in County Wicklow, was built in 1803.

As both those churches were built before Catholic Emancipation in 1829 conclusive written records are scarce for that time. The land was given in what was described at the time as ‘in perpetuity’ for the building of the Church by the then local landlord, the Earl of Carysfort.

In the opinion of the Dublin Diocesan Architect, Seamus Leahy, the Church is in a very good state of repair. This is due to the continuing good effort of the very active and supportive local community down through the years.

Extensive repair work was carried out on the roof tiles, timbers, and both the internal and external walls were treated as was necessary.

The internal condition of seating, altar and backdrops, along with the stained glass windows and the recently purchased new Stations of the Cross, all give an atmosphere of respect and dignity which befits such a House of Worship.

Other necessary renovation work is currently being carried out in preparation for the 200th anniversary celebrations this year. The celebrations will take place in July and in August.

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