One grey February day in 1965, a flock of pigeons were winging their way over the woods near the small country town of Warminster in England’s rural Wiltshire when something strange, disturbing and inexplicable happened.

Suddenly the winter calm was splintered by a violent high-pitched hum that came, as witnesses later testified, “out of the sky.”

They would claim that the pigeons faltered in mid-air, struggled to regain formation, then fell like a shower of stones into the trees below.

It was later found that every bird was dead, apparently killed by some mysterious wave of sound which would disturb and frighten people in the Warminster area for seven months between December 1964 and June, 1965. What was it?

There was an official investigation but no scientific theory could explain away the attacks on both animals and humans from something violent and invisible in the sky. Indeed, nearly 50 years later the files are still open and the people of Warminster still talk about those worrying months – and wonder if they will ever return.

According to files in the local newspaper office, it all began in the early hours of Christmas Day, 1964, when people in Warminster were woken abruptly from their sleep in the sky described by witnesses as “crashes and thuds, as though someone was throwing stones on to the roof.”

And in the background was the noise they would come to know all too well.a high-pitched hum vibrating in the frosty air. Outside in the darkness there was nothing to be seen – although stone walls shook with echoing vibrations.

Then suddenly the noises stopped. Puzzled and frightened, the people of Warminster went back to bed. Some were inclined to blame the army – there were military camps in the area – but it was highly unlikely that exercises would be carried out over Christmas. And the mysterious sounds in no way resembled explosions.

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