Dan Conway’s Corner

At last, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are getting their due from the Silver Screen, the cinema, they gave so much to. Now, hopefully, a new generation will grow up and curl up in 21st Century cinemas, as we did, with tears of laughter running down their cheeks and their ribs as sore as though they’d just , instead, been indulging in their most robust of games.

The new film, simply entitled “Laurel and Hardy”, has made its mark in cinemas all over. I’m hoping it will come out on DVD, as I was unable to visit the big screen, although I did have occasion to pass by the huge posters inviting cinema-goers in to the ‘Box Office’, with ‘pass by’ being the operative words.

And then did I envy Elvis Presley his wealthy penchant for renting a cinema all to himself. Except that I’d have invited quite a crowd of friends to share the laughter with.

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