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The legendary island of Hy Brasil off Ireland’s west coast has continually been referenced down through the centuries, even appearing on European maps, but it has never been established if it did actually exist, writes Maolsheachlann Ó Ceallaigh in this week’s Autumn Special cover story.

In the 1990s singer/songwriter Charlie Landsborough took the Irish charts by storm. Now happily retired in Birkenhead where the Council recently unveiled a mural in his honour, Tom Gilmore caught up with the man who will remain a Forever Friend to Ireland’s Own readers.

There was a time in Ireland when the cost of secondary school fees meant that every year, some 17,000 Irish children did not progress beyond their primary school course. Donogh O’Malley was the man that changed all that, writes Sinéad Brennan as she takes a look at the Free Education Scheme that he introduced. In his ‘Irish Priests’ series, Maolsheachlann O Ceallaigh remembers the doubting priest who missed the apparition at Knock.

Maxi profiles Irish singer, Enya, whose massive hit Orinoco Flow was released 35 years ago. In his occasional series on The Great Film Stars, Thomas Myler writes about the daughter of poor tobacco farmers who lit up our cinema screens, Ava Gardner. 

A son of Monaghan immigrants, Sir Thomas Lipton was famous for his publicity stunts and would become a multi-millionaire tea tycoon whose beverage is still enjoyed all over the world. Liam Nolan tells his story while Paul Clarke recalls two female jockeys who were trendsetters in the sport of horse racing many years ago. 

Seán Creedon remembers Conor O Brien who made global sailing history 100 years ago. Recently a ten-man crew recreated the voyage in honour of the seaman who also helped smuggle arms for Irish Volunteers, writes Seán.

Liam Nolan pays tribute to the chat show legend that was Michael Parkinson, Mary Kennedy returns with more of her monthly musings, while Michael Lyster catches up with Gina of Gina, Dale Haze and The Champions fame.

Kitty the Hare is back with another hair-raising tale, while Miss Flanagan is on the trail of a dubious Lotto winner. Denis J. Hickey has a very interesting story about a Kilkenny Spymaster Supreme who helped hunt down German war criminals after World War II.

We have all this for you to enjoy alongside your regular Ireland’s Own features Cassidy Says, Dan Conway’s Corner, Marjorie’s Kitchen, jokes, songs. puzzles, €200 Word Maze, a €100 Crossword Competition, Bookshelf, Pen Friends, Eddie Ryan’s Monthly Sports Column, Stars of Heartbeat, Classic Westerns, health advice from Alexandra Dobbs and much much more.

I hope that you enjoy our Autumn Special, and I will look forward to catching up with you again next week.

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