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Editor Sean NolanHello, I would like to start this week’s note by thanking so many of you for getting in touch with us about last week’s article recalling the tragic death of Tom Dunphy, and the Miami Showband massacre. We always like to hear from our readers, and the 40th anniversaries bring back a lot of sad memories for us all. This week, we are going up the country to explore the Faughan Valley, a hidden gem on Derry’s doorstep. Bernie Mullen tells us more about this idyllic getaway. We also hear from Dave Gallagher whose brother is Michael Gallagher, the famous postman and amateur weatherman, who is retiring after 48 years in the postal service. Stan McCormack takes a look at the history of the Galway Plate, one of the top National Hunt races in the Irish summer calendar. Anthony Costelloe profiles two of the legendary tough-guys of the Hollywood big screen, Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum, and examines some of their roles as priest or preacher. We have all this for you to enjoy alongside your weekly favourites. And I advise that you check out Marjorie’s page, where she is preparing some delicious lamb chops with garlic mayonnaise for the barbecue. Enjoy the read, and I’ll talk to you next week. God bless,

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Seán Nolan, Editor, Ireland’s Own


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By Stan McCormack The Galway Plate has a special place in the affection of Irish people and it’s one of the races where those who...

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By Joe Collins I first visited Lourdes in May 1954. I was not a pilgrim as such but I went on what could be termed...

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Anthony Costelloe profiles tough guys Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum Humphrey Bogart was the quintessential movie tough guy of the 40s and 50s who died...

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Her face was like a pale waxen mask framed by tresses of golden hair and her eyes had the unearthly glint of a creature...

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Michael Gallagher, the postman from Donegal who is known as Mickey the Post, and who is also an amateur weatherman, is hanging up his...

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Eugene Daly continues his series on various aspects of Irish folklore and customs The ancient annals of Ireland were written down by monks from the...

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Sing along with your favourite Irish songs – Hand Me Down My Bible. Made famous by Luke Kelly Oho glory-o, now I am the Lord’s disciple, Oho glory-o, now hand me down my bible, I like my liquor and my livin’ hard, May the Lord save my soul, My salvation was the turn of a card, My heart’s as black as coal, But everybody’s got the right to go wrong, Everybody’s got to sing my song, Everybody’s got the right to go wrong, Sing my song, sing my song, Oho glory-o, now I am the Lord’s disciple, Oho glory-o, now hand me down my bible For more see this week’s Ireland’s Own

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