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Editor Sean NolanHello, and welcome to another issue of Ireland’s Own. We are off to glorious Cork this week as Alison Murray explores the Blackwater Valley. Stretching from the borders of West Waterford, through North Cork as far as Kerry, this region has a lot to offer the discerning tourist in terms of scenery and hospitality, culture and activities, history and built heritage. In his role of the Irish in WW2 series, Con McGrath relays the wartime experiences of Mayo-man Gerald O’Hara, one of 32 citizens of Éire who was forced to work as a slave labourer in Germany. Keep your garden looking its best in June with a range of helpful hints and practical tips from our expert, Aileen Atcheson. On the 75th anniversary of the greatest sea-battle of the North Atlantic during World War II, Pat Poland outlines the events after an incensed Winston Churchill ordered his naval officers to ‘Sink the Bismark’. The beginning of June means one thing to horse racing fans – the Epsom Derby – and Eddie Goggin profiles the nine-times winner, Lester Piggott. This week’s original short story is The Session by Gerry McCullough. In her American Presidents Series, Eileen Casey looks at the life of William McKinley. And Eamonn Duggan continues to look at the aftermath of the Easter Rising focusing on the initial hostile reaction of the citizens of Dublin to the destruction of their city, and then the gradual change in public opinion brought about by the execution of the leaders. We have all this for you to enjoy alongside your weekly favourites including Miss Flanagan Investigates, Dan Conway, Cassidy, Pete’s Pets, Marjorie’s Kitchen, Songs, Jokes, Pen Pals, Puzzles and much much more. Enjoy the read, and the sunshine, and I look forward to talking to you next week. Best wishes,

Seán Nolan, Editor, Ireland’s Own



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By Eugene Brennan From a cheap New York lodging house, on Christmas Eve, a woman’s body was removed to hospital. When police searched the room...

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On the 75th anniversary of WWll’s greatest sea-battle of the North Atlantic, PAT POLAND outlines the events after an incensed Winston Churchill ordered his...

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By Patricia Roche It was July 1972 and we had just finished our Inter-Cert, summer holidays were about to start, albeit this would be a...

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Miss Flanagan headed for the fire scene as soon as she heard the seven-thirty a.m. news. Long’s Drapery Store in Kilmullen was ablaze, the...

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PAULINE MURPHY reflects on The Poem of James Connolly by Liam MacGabhann, based on reading comments made by the son of a Welsh miner...

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By Sean Andrews In spite of the growing popularity of coffee - and new coffee outlets seem to be springing up everywhere - the Irish...

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Sing along with your favourite Irish songs – Off To Philadelphia Me name is Paddy Leary from a spot on Tipperary, The hearts of all the girls I’m a thorn in, But befall the break of morn, it is they who’ll be forlorn, For I’m off to Philadelphia in the morning. Chorus – With me bundle on me shoulder, faith, there’s no man can be bolder, I’m leaving dear old Ireland without warning, For I lately took the notion for to cross the briny ocean, And I’m off to Philadelphia in the morning

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