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Editor Sean NolanHello and welcome to this week’s issue of Ireland’s Own. Someone asked me recently what I felt the greatest invention was, and while I couldn’t answer definitively, I had to admit that the motor car was close to the top of tree. In this week’s magazine, Colm Power looks at the history of travel and transport in Ireland, from shank’s mare to motor power – all which features in a new book called Putting Ireland on Four Wheels. It is a good read, not just for motoring enthusiasts, but for anyone who has ever travelled from A to B, and wished they could have got there quicker. Also this week we feature the explorer Daniel Haughton; Kenneth Knight takes a trip to the majestic Botanical Gardens in Dublin; Patrick Rowan recalls the life of Oliver St. John Gogarty who is immortalised as Buck Mulligan in James Joyce’s Ulysses. Many of your regular weekly favourites are inside too, including Cassidy, Dan Conway, The Mineral Bar, songs, jokes, puzzles, our series on rivers, Pete’s Pets, Marjorie’s Kitchen and much more. And our classic film is the 1962 chiller ‘Cape Fear’ starring Robert Mitchum. Enjoy the read, take care, and I’ll be in touch next week when we have a very special treat for fans of Country & Irish music (think wagon wheels, and you’ll be on the right track…). 

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By Patricia Roche If we took it all seriously we probably wouldn’t even get out of bed in the mornings, there are many pishogues handed...

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As one of the greatest figures the game of hurling has ever seen calls it a day on his Kilkenny career, we present to...

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Pat Ryan Bennett and family had much to be thankful to Guinness’ for - from their father’s employment to the very house in which...

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By Paula Matthews In the 21st century, when a ‘one size fits all’ policy permeates every aspect of our daily lives from clothing through to...

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Patrick Fowler (1874-1964) from Dublin fought in the First World War, at least in the opening stages, but spent the greater part of the...

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By Christopher Fitzgerald The last time I saw Tim Flynn was on the bench in Stradbally. The bench where women natter, men chat, salutes are...

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Sing along with your favourite Irish songs The Black Velvet Band. Well, in a neat little town they call Belfast, apprentice to trade I was bound Many an hour’s sweet happiness, have I spent in that neat little town A sad misfortune came over me, which caused me to stray from the land Far away from my friends and relations, betrayed by the black velvet band Chorus Her eyes they shone like diamonds I thought her the queen of the land And her hair it hung over her shoulder Tied up with a black velvet band For more see your St. Patrick’s Day Ireland’s Own

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