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Editor Sean NolanHello and welcome to this week’s Ireland’s Own. In this issue we are very pleased to welcome one of Ireland’s most popular tenors, Finbar Wright. The effervescent Corkman turns sixty this year and he reflects on his interesting life to date, as well as his astounding singing career.

Pauline Murphy looks at the efforts of a brave group of women determined to mark the first anniversary of the Easter Rising – though it was illegal to do so. Paula Redmond gets her teeth stuck into the history of the confectionery trade in Ireland, and in his Role of the Irish in WW2 series, Con McGrath tells the story of Lord Gort VC – the Irishman who led the British Army in the first year of the war.

We turn the spotlight on Swords Castle as Fingal Community Archaeologist Christine Baker reports on the interesting findings of a recent archaeological dig by local volunteers. Cathal Coyle recalls the extraordinary happenings of April, 1926, when Irishwoman Violet Gibson attempted to murder Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini.

Gardening expert Aileen Atcheson returns with more tips for those of you with green fingers and Jim Rees looks at the life of Walter Macken – The Actor Who Could Write. It is a shame that there is little or no critical attention now paid to someone who had such a successful career as a novelist, playwright, actor and director, writes Jim.

In his piece, The Journalist and the Poltergeist, Shane Cochrane examines some paranormal activy in Enniscorthy in 1910 that was witnessed by two journalists and the book under review this month is The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan.

We have all this for you to get stuck into alongside your weekly favourites. Enjoy the read and I will look forward to chatting to you again next week.

Best wishes,

Seán Nolan, Editor, Ireland’s Own


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By Shane Cochrane Ireland is an island of ghosts. Phantom pipers and spectral soldiers; jilted brides and headless horsemen; and weary travellers, condemned to spend...

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By Daphne Dyer Wolf James Connolly, a leader of the Easter Rising in 1916, was also a self-made intellectual, a lifelong socialist, and a radical...

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World-renowned Irish tenor, songwriter and poet Finbar Wright is celebrating his 60th birthday this year. From a youthful man of the cloth to one...

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By David Flynn An angel coming to earth and saving people from making serious mistakes in their lives was the premise of this hit 1980s...

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By Cathal Coyle On April 7th 1926, an incident that occurred that day in Rome almost changed the course of world history. Dublin native Violet...

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PAULA REDMOND gets her teeth stuck into the history of the confectionary trade in Ireland Thomas Caffrey’s experience in the world of sweets started at...

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Sing along with your favourite Irish songs – Four Green Fields “What did I have?” said the fine old woman, “What did I have?” this proud old woman did say, “I had four green fields, each one was a jewel
But strangers came and tried to take them from me, I had fine strong sons, they fought to save my jewels
They fought and died, and that was my grief” said she, “Long time ago” said the fine old woman
“Long time ago” this proud old woman did say, “There was war and death, plundering and pillage
My children starved by mountain valley and sea, And their wailing cries, they shook the very heavens
My four green fields ran red with their blood” said she…Lots of great songs for you to sing along with every week in Ireland’s Own

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