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Hello and welcome to this week’s issue of Ireland’s Own. This week’s cover feature tells the story of Martin Luther King. A shining hero in the fight for civil rights, it is approaching fifty years since he was assassinated. Gerry Breen looks back on the extraordinary life of the social activist who sought equality and human rights for African Americans.
The story of Bamse, the brave and loyal seadog of the Norwegian Navy is told by Joe Lonergan. Miss Flanagan returns and is investigating some ‘Dodgy House Calls’. The Benford sleuth is on the trail of a bogus door-to-door collector.

In his Role of the Irish in WW2 series, Con McGrath features Brendan Kelly who recalls his boyhood experiences during the Clydebank Blitz of March, 1941. In his quirky true story ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Honey!’ Shane Cochrane looks at some weird happenings and events.

In her Voices from the Past series, Mary Sheerin continues her series on legends of Irish broadcasting. This week the focus is on Don Cockburn. It’s March-time in the garden and we have some more seasonal tips from our gardening expert Aileen Atcheson.

The Irish Church Act was a key move in dismantling the Protestant Ascendancy which had dominated Ireland for several centuries previously, writes Jim Rees and the book under review this month is Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz.

Our original short story is The Rivals by Gerry McCullough, and the Stinging Nettle takes centre stage in our ‘Plants That Changed Our Lives’ series. In ‘The Witness Statements’ Frank Thornton continues his statement to the Bureau of Military History, with Eamonn Duggan.

We have all this for you to enjoy alongside your weekly favourites including Cassidy Says, Dan Conway, Pete’s Pets, Marjorie’s Kitchen (she’s cooking beef chilli with rice and rhubarb crumble for dessert), Stranger Than Fiction, Pen Pals, songs, jokes and much much more. Enjoy the read, take care and I look forward to talking to you all again next week, please God.

                                                                                                    Best wishes,

Seán Nolan, Editor, Ireland’s Own


Inside this week's issue

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With Mary Sheerin Don Cockburn (1930-2017) was born in Dublin and was an actor for many years, mainly with the Gate Theatre when it was...

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Shane Cochrane tells the fascinating story of when honey, and other strange things, rained down from the sky over Ireland   One morning in 1832, while...

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a social activist and Baptist minister who played a key role in the American civil rights movement from the...

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By Maura Doyle Lent was strictly observed in our house in the Fifties. It was a complete fast for my parents from the morning of...

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Joe Lonergan profiles an unusual hero of World War Two, a 196 pound St Bernard dog, who is honoured with life-size statues in Scotland...

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Michael Smith take a look at some of the intrepid Irish explorers who were pioneers in navigating the world’s most remote territory Ireland, a nation...

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