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Hello and welcome to this week’s issue of Ireland’s Own. Our cover story this week takes a look at the wonderful musical career of one of Ireland’s most popular singers, Joe Dolan.

Ten years on from his untimely death on St. Stephen’s Day 2007, Francis Kaye looks back at the life story of Mullingar’s most famous son.

Miss Flanagan returns with a new case! In this week’s ‘An Unnerving Case’, you can join the ace Benford detective as she attempts to solve another intriguing mystery. In his Role of the Irish in WW2 Series. Con McGrath tells the story of Countess Mary De Galway O’Kelly, the Dublin-born lady who bravely served in the Belgian resistance during WWll.

We have part two of The Little Maid, a seasonal story by Patrick O’Sullivan. Gardening expert Aileen Atcheson has more tips for making your garden beautiful. Jim Rees takes a look at the life and naval career of the Infamous Capt. Bligh, forever linked with one ship, the SS Bounty.

The book under review this month is This Much is True by Jane Sanderson, while our original short story is The Promise by Jim McKeon. Stand and Deliver, writes Seán Andrews as he tells the story of Michael Collier, Ireland’s last highwayman.

What has happened to Communication, asks MJ Wells, and Melanie Ward profiles Constantine Scollen, The Forgotten Missionary. Melanie tells the story of the Co. Fermanagh-born missionary who lived among and evangelised the Blackfoot, Cree and Métis peoples on the Canadian Prairies and in northern Montana in the United States.

We have all this for you to enjoy alongside your weekly favourites including Cassidy Says, Dan Conway, Pete’s Pets, songs, jokes, Pen Pals and much more. Enjoy the read, stay in out of the cold, and I look forward to talking to you again next week.

                                                                                             Best wishes,

Seán Nolan, Editor, Ireland’s Own


Inside this week's issue

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By Mairead Doohan Sitting on a bench here in Dundrum Town Centre on the shortest day of the year waiting for some friends to have...

0 436
In the Don McClean song, ‘American Pie’, the day he refers to as ‘the day the music died’ is 3rd February 1959, the day...

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By Anne Bevan (from the Ireland's Own Christmas Annual)   A poignant tale of a Christmas letter never sent, and another not received...   The postman pushed his...

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By Michael Fortune To understand Christmas in Ireland we must stretch our minds back to a time thousands of years before Christianity ever existed. It...

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The year 1917 has long been viewed as one of changing political attitudes and loyalties. The watershed year witnessed the emergence of a new...

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