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Editor Sean NolanHello and welcome once again to Ireland’s Own. Here in Ireland we are spoilt by lush countryside and in this week’s issue we pay special tribute to the trees of Ireland, coinciding with National Tree Week. Eileen Casey writes about the fascination that forests and trees have had for mankind down through the centuries. Mattie Lennon remembers his friend and poet and unique character, Paddy Finnegan. Paul Swift profiles the River Barrow in his Irish rivers series; Eugene Daly takes a look at the religious tradition of Lent; Noel Murphy pays tribute to the rugby great, Noel Murphy, and there is much more to enjoy too. Cassidy welcomes “spring” and Jim Rees sets out to explain the concept of the “Ides of March”. Your regular favourites are in there too including Dan Conway, Pete the Vet and chef Marjorie is cooking traditional Irish boxty – trust me, if that doesn’t make your mouth water, nothing will! There are puzzles and teasers for you to enjoy as well and lots of jokes and songs to entertain you. Many of you will be glad to see the stretch in the evenings, and I must say it is great to be able to get out for a nice brisk walk after a day in the office. And what better way to unwind when the day is done than with a read of Ireland’s Own. All the best and I look forward to catching up with you next week, all being well.

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Sean Nolan, Editor, Ireland’s Own


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When Cadbury Milk Tray was launched in 1915, astute marketing strategy lay at the heart of the product. Although boxes of chocolates had been...

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Dear Ireland's Own readers, We are trying to locate any information on my uncle who was killed on 02 March 1915 in WW1. In particular, we...

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Queen of the Castle From the beginning I considered my sister-in-law Louise a 10% - 90% mix. The 10% plus was predictability and a cheerful disposition. ...

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By Mae Leonard The new girl in our office was a swan – pale, beautiful and elegant – ash blonde hair and grey eyes. She...

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Lent (Carghas in Irish) is the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Up to the middle of the last century, Lenten austerities were...

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Eddie Goggin pays tribute to a rugby great On the Northside of Cork City, in the late 1930’s, beneath the shadows of the renowned St...

Also this week

Sing along with your favourite Irish songs The Old Bog Road by Johnny McEvoy
Written by Teresa Brayton. Teresa was born in Kilbrook, County Kildare, in 1868 and also died there in 1943 having returned from New York. My feet are here on Broadway, this blessed harvest morn, But oh the ache that’s in them for the spot where I was born, My weary hands are blistered from work in cold and heat and oh to swing a scythe again through fields of Irish wheat, Had I the chance the wander back or own a king’s abode, I’d rather see the hawthorn tree by the Old Bog Road.
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