By Mike Hackett

On the Quay at Waterford City stands a large square building that is very imposing and commanding. It has served as the city Post Office for over a hundred years – and it shelters some chilling secrets. Four storeys of grey limestone can look regal and majestic in the sunshine – but in twilight or the dark of night – it can give forth an aura of mystery.

Over the years – the stories of a ghost walking the great big corridors have been told by many frightened workers.
Clerks and telephonists doing night duty on the different floors were most vulnerable and very scared.
Rarely was anything seen – rather was it heard and felt.

Footsteps were treading softly and slowly outside the doors of occupied rooms. Cold air pockets were felt on the landings – and of course the hair was standing on the backs of necks as people ran headlong in panic down the many flights of stairway.

It was when the wind howled straight up the river Suir and swirled around that big corner building in the dark of the gaslight era – that tales of the ghost tantalised the imagination. The experiences and rumours were at their height in the 1920s and 30s – with people unwilling to work alone at the top of the house late into the night.

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