Herself had an interesting experience lately at the chiropodist’s. She always attends Lilly and finds her very skilled and personable.

There was some emergency the other day, the day of Mrs C’s appointment. When she arrived at the clinic she was informed that Lily had to leave early to take a sick child home from school but the part-timer, Beatrice, had a slot.

Beatrice certainly did a very professional job. Mrs. C. usually brings a lemon drizzle cake with her to give to Lilly as a token of gratitude. Lilly has a big family and a husband to look after and has little time for baking.
Mrs. C. decided that she’d offer the cake to Beatrice. The offer was dismissed with a wave of the hand and curt proclamation: ‘There’s no need for that. I’m only doing my job.’

She reluctantly accepted the little token but unlike Lilly, didn’t peel back the greaseproof paper to admire the golden crust. Mrs. C. left the premises feeling a bit foolish for bothering.
When we were telling this story to Madge Dooley, she was able to top it with one better. She and Johnny had lingered in the hotel foyer after a Declan Nerney concert. It was a chilly night and a nip of sherry for Madge and a pot of tea for the driver were in order. Little candles were placed on the tables to lend atmosphere.

They lent more than atmosphere, however, when an elderly lady’s newspaper caught fire as she was perusing the broadsheet. The Dooleys rushed to alert the woman and when the paper began to flame, Dooley smothered it with his jumper.

A Manager soon arrived on the scene and made nothing of what had happened. He passed off what could have been very nasty incident with some frivolous comment.
Wouldn’t it have been a far better response to present the Dooleys with some token of appreciation? They are not people to bad mouth any establishment but Madge was adamant that they won’t be frequenting that establishment again for the carvery.

Companies can be very foolish and short-sighted in their response to mishaps. Of course this is all in line with possible insurance claims.

Madge Dooley’s sister, Nora, had another experience of this kind of carry on when she slipped on a wet floor in another hotel. There was very little made of the incident when she reported it to the reception desk.
The next day the manager of the hotel did ring, but his first enquiry was not about the injury but the bald corporate question: ‘Do you intend to sue?’ Nora was just relieved that she was assured the sprain would repair.
Not a meeks from the hotel by way of a gesture of kindness. Wouldn’t a little voucher have been in order? Companies should keep the human touch. We’re not all out to sue but when we experience a mishap a little gesture of kindness is always welcome. ÷


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