Next week, Poetry Ireland will announce the poems which have been selected, following a national call-out, to mark Poetry Day Ireland and its theme of ‘Good Sports’.  There are 12 poems, three of which are in Irish.

The poets and poems selected are  Mary Noonan (Racing Results, I.m my father), David Nash (All Square at Half-Time in the Mid-Cork Junior A Football Quarter Final between Canovee and Grenagh, Inniscarra GAA Grounds, 21st of August 2022), Enda Wiley (Henry Shefflin), Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe (Flesh being wild after Red Rum), Katie Donovan (Winter Heroes), Rosemary Jenkinson (Pommel Horse for Rhys McClenaghan), Eoghan Totten (26.2), Rafael Mendes  (On Failure and Persistence), Alan Titley (Cruinn Neamhdhíreach), Patrick Moran (Gleam, i’m Alex Higgins), Laoighseach Ní Choistealbha (Aiteall, An Droichead Beo, Ollscoil Luimnigh, 24ú Iúil 2022), Máirtín Coilféir (Iomramh).

Poetry Ireland is a publicly funded national Literature resource organisation, established in 1978, which serves the needs of poets and poetry through collaboration, publication, support, representation and impactful professional development programmes. 


Poetry Ireland is the flagship organisation for poetry and promotes poetry as intrinsic to the cultural capital of the Irish nation, at home and abroad. Through poetry and the work of poets the programmes foster a spirit of curiosity and discovery. Poetry Ireland enhances understanding, expression, meaning making and experimentation. They do this through publications, education and live events.

Poetry Ireland creates opportunities for the public to have access to, and engagement with poets and poetry across the island of Ireland and internationally.

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